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Dry Clean USA

These two things happened a while ago, but I was reminded about them today. My friend and I were talking about what dress I should wear to a party that's coming up and I have a dress that I wore to a wedding that needs to be dry cleaned. Immediately my friend reminded me NOT to take it to Dry Clean USA. Even though there's one conveniently close to my house, my experience with them has made me weary of going there ever again.

A while back I had gone out with my mother and my niece who at the time was about 4 years old. I had on a favorite pair of white pants. What happened next should not be too hard to figure out, considering I was wearing white pants and white pants seem to attract the WORST stains. Well, my niece had a cherry-flavored juice drink in her hand which she ended up spilling on my pants. No big deal, I could see that the stain wouldn't be that hard to get out even if I washed the pants myself. However, being that I bought the pants at a little store that had a reputation for not selling the best quality clothes (i.e. you wash it yourself, it would shrink immediately) I opted to take them to the dry cleaners since they were one of my favorite pairs which I did not want to ruin. I bring in the pants and point out the rather obvious stain on the side of my pants. They take the pants and give me my little slip and I'm on my way.

About 2-3 days later I come back for them, I get my pants and they're all pressed and nice. However, in almost the same spot where the original stain I now see some little orange stains. It looks A LOT like someone was eating Cheetoh's or Dorito's over my pants and spilled those annoying little orange crumbs on my pants. I explain to the clerk that there's still a stain on my pants...a different one than the red stain that was on it before. "Oh, we couldn't get it out then." she says to me matter-of-factly.
Uhmm... okay, this wasn't the stain that I had in the first place, this is a DIFFERENT stain. She tells me she'll have the manager take a look at it. Another day or two goes by and I call and ask about my pants. The girl puts me on hold and comes back on the line and says that the manager took them to his house to try and get the stain out.
Okay, frankly, that kind of freaked me out. You see, I don't know this manager, I don't know what he has on his home and I don't quite like the idea of my pants being brought there. What could he have in his home that wouldn't be at the dry cleaning facility?
In the end I finally did get my pants back sans any stains and I don't recall if they made me pay for it or not. Either way, the whole experience just striked me as very unprofessional.

My guy friend who works with me (the one who happened to remind me not to take my dress to Dry Clean USA) decided that ironing his work shirts was too much of a pain in the ass and he decided to start getting them dry cleaned instead. The only place even remotely close to where he lived was a Dry Clean USA. He decided to take his shirts there. He took them there for awhile without incident except for the fact that the ironing job was shoddy at best. There were still small wrinkles in the pockets and on the collar of the shirt. Now I'm no expert when it comes to ironing but I KNOW that if he was paying for them to iron his shirts, the job they did was totally unacceptable. Still, it was the only place near him and it was open late enough that he could drop shirts off after work, so he kept going there. That is, until one day he went to pick up his shirts and they couldn't find them. They took his number and he got a call later on that day informing him that his shirts had been given to someone else. This someone else was somewhere in New York now, with my friends shirts (we live in FL)! They would have to call the guy when he got back in town and try to get the shirts back. Now it sucked for my friend but I can't imagine how LIVID I would be if I was on a trip and they had given me someone else's shirts. After that my friend found another place that wasn't too far from him and began taking his shirts there. He's had no problem with them.

Has anyone else had these types of problems with Dry Clean USA?

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