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Annoying service, maybe not bad_service? :/

Scene: the Second Cup [Canadian version of Starbucks] two blocks away from my apartment.

Me: ;) *bows*
S: Supervisor [helping the baristas because it was busy]

Me: Hi, I'd like a medium candy cane hot chocolate, please.
S: Sorry, I can't do that. We don't have any. No one has any in the whole country. We're out of the syrup.
Me: Um, but I just had one yesterday afternoon at your downtown location...
S: *pause, then raises an eyebrow at me, perhaps implying I was lying (???) *defensively* Well, they must have a STASH, then!

Okay, fine. I left without my hot choc, not such a big deal. What bothered me was:
1) There are signs up specifically advertising this candy cane hot chocolate. Why are these signs up if this drink is not served ANYWHERE?; and
2) I do not appreciate being lied to about how NO ONE IN ALL OF CANADA has candy cane syrup. I've had two candy cane hot chocs from two different locations in the span of about a week now (although I hadn't bought them from the particular location I was at today). Obviously this is not a NATIONAL problem.

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