Kiran Lightpaw (kiranlightpaw) wrote in bad_service,
Kiran Lightpaw

Not really bad_service, but more like WTF

So my coworker and I go down to our local Subway for lunch this afternoon. They're making our sandwiches just fine just like they normally do. I like mine heavy on the mayo.

So it gets down to the girl who's supposed to put the final fixings on the sandwich (mayo, lettuce, onions, etc), which she does albeit without a single word. This whole time, with all the other people behind the counter working, she's just standing there looking down at the ingredients. She goes to close the sandwich and slides the knife down the middle to keep all the parts of the sandwich inside, the knife becoming smeared with mayo. She then just tosses the smeared knife into the tray without bothering to wipe it off.

NOM: Nice Old Man who owns the store (was standing near her working the register)
BSA: Bitchy "Sandwich Artist"

NOM: "You need to wipe the knife."
BSA: "What?!"
NOM: "You need to wipe the mayo off the knife."
BSA: "If you've got something to say to me, you need to f***ing say it."
NOM: "..." (just looks at her)
BSA storms off to the back of the store while NOM wipes the knife off.

My coworker and I were like " ... okay." There was a lady standing behind us with a young girl who was looking horrified. We paid for our sandwiches and left. Seeing that it was around lunchtime, we had to park on the street behind the store. As we were walking around behind the building she was sitting on a crate behind the store talking on her cellphone, saying things like "godd*** this" and "motherf***er that" and "these people are f***ing crazy."

All he asked you to do was wipe the damn knife off. People could have food allergies to things on my sandwich or may simply not like them. It's pretty standard practice at most food establishments, that I have observed, to "clean as you go." And no matter what, there wasn't any excuse to use such foul language, especially when kids are around.

Like I said, not really bad service (my sandwich was fine), but more like a WTF moment.
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