A photographic memory but with a stuck lens cover (kellirose1313) wrote in bad_service,
A photographic memory but with a stuck lens cover

Follow up

TRavelocity called me today. I spoke to Patricia Jones who told me she was very sorry, aske dif I was sure the hotel situation caused my delay in getting a rider cart (well um yeah considering the last oen rented 3 people ahead of me and if I hadn't had to waste 30 minutes that morning I"d have gotten one no problem).
Then she offered me a $25 discount on my *cue incredible disbelief* NEXT Travelocity booking!!! I flat out told her "No thaks, I don't plan on ever using Travelocity ever again for anything, ever." She babbled on for a bit as to how I could use the discount or a code she was gonna give me and I finally just handed the phone to hubby since I didn't wish to tell her off.
Except he then proceeded to tell her off so that didn't work well. She said they would not give me any kind of refund because I did end up using the room. He asked about the $25 fee we got for cancelling the second room and she said she was unaware we'd been charged that so that would be refunded. So all in all we got a phone call from 3 different people 3 nights in a row apologizing,
a $25 fee refunded back to us
a $25 off code that we'll most likely never ever use (maybe I'll give it to a relative I don't like)

The impression I got very distinctly from all responding emails and phone calls was if I had not taken it upon myself to email the head executives directly nothing would have ever come from my complaint. So there's a lesson folks, always, ALWAYS talk to the people up top for results.

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