Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

More of Eh service, but annoying none-the-less.

I went to WalMart last night to pick up shrimp for my husband and daughter's dinner. (I won't touch the stuff.) Now I have to mention something here. Out of all the stores in the area I have found that WalMart has the best produce, the best meat and the highest quality seafood out of all the other stores. Now I also have 2 Super WalMarts near me. One 12 minutes away and one 8 minutes away. I normally go to the one that is 12 minutes away generally because I'm already in that part of town anyway. The service there is excellent. I know that WalMart generally has disgruntled employees but the employees at the one I usually go to is amazing as far as service goes. Everyone is ready to help you, greets you if they happen to walk by you and for the employees I see regularly, they take an active interest in their customer base. I recognize that a lot of this is because the manager of the store is very good. His employees are happy to work for him. (I've always said that if you've got crappy, unhappy employees, look to the manager.)

So, I've become a bit spoiled. And with my preconceived notions I went to the OTHER WalMart last night since I was in that part of town. Yeah.

I get to the seafood department and there is no one behind the counter. From what I gather they don't have anyone specific to that department like they do at the other store. There is a sign at the counter that says: "For service please ring the bell by the meat department." So, I do that. An old man looks up through the window in the door and ignores me. I hit the buzzer again. He finally comes out.

Man: What do you want?
Me: There is a sign at the seafood department that says I should ring here for service at the seafood counter?
Man: No, you're supposed to go over and ask at the deli. There is a sign that says that. Get them to do it.

At this point he rolls his eyes and goes back into the room.

I double checked the seafood counter. No sign.

I go over to the deli. It takes 10 minutes for me to flag anyone down. They're busy cleaning the oven, wrapping deli meats, whatever. And I know I'm short and don't exactly come over the counter, but still... It was like I was invisible.

When I did finally get someone she told me that there was NOT a sign over there that told me to go to deli, but she'd go get me what I needed anyway. And to her credit she was very friendly through the whole thing.

But dude, what was up with the old man. You better make damned sure there is a sign before you start assuming the common customer inability to read one.

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