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I swear I was nice about it.........

This morning, I woke up a little too late and decided to get breakfast when I got to work.

I spend part of the first half hour of my day going through e-mails, correspondence and so forth.

I stop at the cafeteria and order, verbatim:

what can I get you?

---Hotcakes and two sausage, please

no pancakes

---a two-item omelet, then.  please.

what are the items you want in them?

---sausage and provolone cheese

Being that, I chatted up with one of the previous cashiers that I've dealt with for the past few years, and a couple minutes later, voila!  Breakfast.

I walk back to the register, open the container....

two sausage, an overdone omelet with american cheese.

the cashier (an all new person), rang up sausage, sausage, 1 item omelet.

$6.19, please.

---it should be about $4.50 + tax.  ($4.87 with tax, at 8.25%)

I explained what's wrong with the order, and am told that since it WASN'T all together as it should....I pay the price for two sausage and a one-item omelet.

They'd make me a new one (which means open the container and adjust it to correct) and charge me correctly if I got the new one.  What'd happen with this omelet?  Isn't a waste of time since I'm just going to eat it like it is?

The prices at the cafeteria are supposed to be break-even, though I think pulling a great profit every day, there.

I guess I'll have to be late and just make breakfast at home if I oversleep again.

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