Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

So I returned to the sushi place I mentioned in this post: http://www.livejournal.com/community/bad_service/490963.html?

My mother, my sister, and I go there, and it's completely empty, a good sign. We actually got our menu this time (gasp!) and had our orders taken. I mention various things about the restraunt, like how good the eel is, but how incredibly nasty cream cheese is in sushi, especially here since it's all warm and gooey (shudders).

Our food comes in a decent amount of time, and I eagerly await my dynamite roll-eel, alvocado, crab, rolled with rice in the seaweed paper and fried tempera-style. I look at what I get. Roe, something I can't identify, and cream cheese. I politely ask the waitress what it was she had given me, and she told me a dynamite roll. I told her it must be something else, and she confirms that it's the dynamite roll, so I ask to see a menu. She comes back with the menu, looks at it with me, and apologizes, and sends the roll back to the kitchen so I can get what I ordered.

Several minutes pass, and I see what looks like my roll up on the counter. My waitress goes to pick it up, and they drop it. I couldn't see, but it appeared that they dropped it on the counter where they were working, so I didn't know if they were just going to pick it up (acceptable) or if a piece fell on the floor so they'd have to remake it. I see a roll put back on the counter, but I don't know whether it's mine or not, so I just sit there wishing I had more iced tea since I'd been out for a rather long time. About ten minutes go by, in which my family is completely done eating and starting to make comments about the service. Several more minutes go by. The waitress walks to a different table and I flag her over asking for more tea and asking when my food will be ready. She walks over to where the roll has been sitting for 15 minutes and brings it back. It's completely cold. And soggy. And completely covered in wasabi! When they dropped it, they dropped it into the wasabi bin and didn't bother to clean it off or remake it! At this point I'm hungry and angry and really disappointed since the food I've been waiting for is completely unedable, so me and my mother ask if they could take it off the check since I can't eat it. They apologize, and I decide to go to starbucks to pick something up for me and my mother while they deal with the check.

Anyway, for a place that's horribly expensive and tends to have terrible service, they can't afford to screw up the food twice in one visit. I don't think I'll be going back.

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