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So I am a hardcore customers_suck fan, and I almost didn't want to join this community because... well, I feel like it'd be joining the dark side, *but* here I am with not one but TWO tales of employee suckage.

My roomie and I went to see Rent yesterday (great movie!) and we went to get some grub at the concession area.

Two teenage girls are both standing there.

Me: ME!
R: My roomie
G1: first girl
G2: second girl
Guy: another worker, much cooler

R: Yeah, I want a medium popcorn and a medium Diet Coke.
G1: ::rings it up, goes to make drink::
G2: ::begins making popcorn::
G1: ::comes back to counter with drink:: ::starts singing loudly::
G2: ::joins in::
G1: Girl, I love dat song. Ooh, I was talking to ... ::insert stupid gossip here::
G2: ::Still gossiping::
Guy: ::walks over:: Are you gonna take her money?
G1: ::looks at R:: Yeah, $6.75.
R: ::hands her money::
G1: ::takes money, still blabbing to her friend, makes eye contact with me, says nothing:: ::gives R her change, looks at me again, still says nothing::
Me: Um...
G1: Can I help you?
Me: ::No I was just gonna hang out here:: Yes, I want Nachos with extra cheese (I heart cheese) and a medium diet.
G1: ::rings up order, goes to get nachos::
G2: ::makes drink::
Guy: ::looks at register and takes off charge for extra cheese::
G1: ::walks back over to register:: That's... wait, did I charge for the cheese? *At this point I MUST point out that the "extra" cheese was a thin line across the top of the chips... I'd give her about $.10 for it maybe...*
Guy: Don't charge her for that.
Me: ::Glad he said something so that I didn't have to be a sucky customer::
G1: Wha'?! Aight then. $8.50
Me: ::gives her money, annoyed about lack of cheese, but just wants to get in theatre::
G1: ::hands me change:: Here.
G1 and G2 continue singing and gossiping.

Today I went to Publix to get me and my boyfriend a sub (cuz Publix subs rock!) I was in line behind a cute, little old lady with maybe three items. At the register, Publix has these little slips with $1, $3, or $5 on them which basically adds that amount to your bill and goes to a charity that fights hunger. The old lady was a little confused as to how she could donate, but props to her for being generous! Here's what happened:

Old Lady: How do I donate a dollar? Do I hand this slip to you and you ring it up? (Referring to slip that has $1 on it.)
Cashier: ::blank stare; crickets chirping::
OL: Do I just give this to you to ring up and add to the bill?
Cashier: ::blank stare, blink, blank stare::

At this point, I'm annoyed cuz I just want to buy my subs and I can't understand why this chick is staring at this old lady and not answering her question. It created a very awkward moment.

Cashier: You mean the Santa Dollar?
OL: No, this right her (again points to hunger charity thing)
Cashier ....Oh.... yeah, you just give it to me to ring up.

WTFBBQ? Are you stoned? It wasn't necessarily bad service but it was weird and damn annoying.

So that's my first post. :) I won't make many because I work in the service industry where I usually give employees the benefit of the doubt, but, oh yes, there are times when employees piss me off.
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