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Back when airborne express was still airborne express we had this issue, but I didn't expect it to continue with DHL. My first mistake.

I ordered a digital camera (canon a610) from on the 25th. I ended up with a great deal and was very happy. I didn't expect to receive it until the end of this week (used a code for free shipping) and was surprised when I got an email saying it would be here the 28th.

This is the feedback I sent to the DHL website (they had a 500 char. limit...ugh)

I was expecting a box from Dell. 1pm I hear a “thunk-thud-smack” outside my door and expect someone to knock. After a few seconds I went to see what happened. I open the door - no delivery person or truck. My box worth $300 was lying on the ground, presumably where the delivery person dropped it. Any package left outside in my apartment complex is unsafe. 1) Person should have knocked. 2) The office is willing to sign for packages. 3) Dropping a package is unacceptable. This should not happen.

Am I wrong for being upset about that?

Now, for a bit of good service (I hope)...

I was supposed to recieve a $75.00 sprint rebate on or before the 6th. I didn't realize this until I went and checked the website a few days ago. I sent off a short email giving all my info, and the next day I had a reply saying that they would cancel the previous check and issue another one. Hopefully I'll see it in my mailbox in the promised 15 business days.
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