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I think this qualifies as bad service or at least a wtf how did they get away with that thing. This morning tickets to go see David Copperfield in Buffalo NY went on sale. My best friend loves David so I went to buy us two tickets to go. Go through a lot of the normal ticketmaster.com problems (it being slow and yadda). I ended up with two tickets off to the right, but only row L so not that bad. I double check and everything is ok I went and did the checkout and selected to have the tickets emailed to me (I love how that costs like almost two dollars now). Now this all took under two minutes since I had signed in to the website for faster checkout and everything. I get to a screen that has a confirmation number on it so I scroll down to copy the ticket info to send to my friend and I see the tickets I now have are completely different then the ones I started out with. I don't know how they changed it after I reviewed it and okayed it. I emailed them and haven't heard anything back from them. I'm just so angry and I know it's going to turn into a my word against theirs. I really hate ticketmaster. Any suggestions on what to do?
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