Jess (soygrit) wrote in bad_service,

This wasn't that big of a deal, just funny (and, while not the worst, it was BAD, so let's not bitch at me for posting off topic or anything.) I went through the McDonald's drive-thru to get just a chocolate milkshake. Listed, they have: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and as a special, Strawberry-Banana. I order a medium chocolate. I'm told that they don't have chocolate. Its night time, maybe they're out, fine. I then order the strawberry-banana. They're also out of that. Okay. Just strawberry then. They tell me that the only things they have are sweet potato and mango. What!? They have nothing that's actually listed and two things not on the menu? Incredulously, I say "Sweet potato? Uh...I guess one of those." I get it, and while it's pretty good, its also a size large, not medium. Point is: SWEET POTATO MILKSHAKE!?!
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