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First Timer...


As I have a part time job which requires much customer contact, I do tend to pay attention to the service I receive.  I have 2 stories to share today.

The first isn't so much a story of bad service, as 
I was at a large chain food store, the kind where they have a bakery.  I was picking up a cake for a co-workers birthday.  I picked a cake, and looked behind the counter to see if I could get it personalized.  The guy took the cake, and wrote Happy Birthday, Erika on it, and then handed it back.  It certainly wasn't the best quality writing, but it was better than I could do, so I smiled, thanked him, and left to pay.  At the register, the cashier said "WHOA!"  with a disgusted look on his face.  I knew he was insulting the quality of the writing, so I said again, its better than I could do, with a smile on my face.  He replied "Well, it's just not the level of professionalism I'm used to from our bakery.  Maybe someone is just learning, or had a bad day, or maybe they had a bit too much wine last night!" 
Hi, Me customer.  You badmouthing your own store...  not a good idea!

 The second story is more bad service.  I've always thought it wasn't a good idea to 
My parents got me a digital camera for my birthday last week.  It's not a super camera, just a basic 3.2mp camera so I can take pictures without worrying about breaking something expensive.  So, I'm at a chain electronics store, looking for a memory card.  I realize I don't have the camera with me, and have no idea what card to get, so I ask for help from the friendly people in blue.  I explain that I have a Poloroid Izone 300, and need a memory card or stick or whatever.  The helpful associate looks it up and says he really isn't sure, he's not familiar with that camera...  he points me in the direction of the camera man.  I repeat my problem, and he looks at me like I'm crazy.  "You mean you have that sticky  I zone film?"  No... its a digital camera.  No... Poloroid doesn't make digital cameras.  Well...  Yes, they do, because I have one at home.  :)  All with a smile on my face.  Almost 5 minutes of me trying to convince the guy that it does exist, and I've all but given up.  He calls his friend over, who also says I'm wrong.  Okay, I said.. just for fun... let's say there is in fact a Poloroid digital camera.  What card would you suggest?  She asked how many megapixels, and I replied 3.2.  Oh... she said.  That's really not a good idea, because the price difference between that and a 5 mp camera is so small, but the quality of pictures is amazing.  I reminded her I already have the camera.  Her response?  "Well, you should think about just buying a new camera, cause that 3.2 mp one isn't any good" 
At that point, I did give up.  Later that night I found another Poloroid digital camera in a magazine.   I have half a mind to go back with the magazine, and my camera... but luckily my father ended up getting me a memory card.  grr.


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