Tara (storyofherlife) wrote in bad_service,

Bad...turned good

I wouldnt really call this bad service moreso just not thinking?

We went to Montana's Cookhouse, AWESOME food. We ordered their garlic cheesebread and lemme tell ya..never seen so much cheese in my life - I ordered the potroast which game with yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and veggies - mix that with the cheesebread and there was no bloody way I could finish my meal.

I pushed my flat away from me about 2 inches with more than half my food on it. Our waitress zoomed up, scooped up my plate and left. I blinked, looked at my boyfriend and asked if he thought she would be packing it up. He didn't think so..I was kind of sad cuz I had hoped to eat it later cuz it was FANTASTIC.

She comes back up to ask if we wanted dessert and I nicely asked her if she had been packing it up, she seemed genuinely shocked that she had forgotten to ask and said she would have a little bit made up for me.


I was thinking I would get like a half order, which was more than enough for me..

Nope, she came up with a full meal packed up - $12.99 worth. I was shocked.

This could have been bad service but we had such a nice server that it turned out to be great.

Our bill was $43 - we left $9 on the table and $2 from our change from our bill.

She earned every penny.

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