mswillie (mswillie) wrote in bad_service,

Just a funny story

After my home improvment rant I just thought I'd recount a funny story my BF told me. He used to work in the meat department of a small independent grocery store. He had a customer who was a real pain in the butt, always complaining, trying to use outdated coupons, trying to get sales prices the day before etc.

One day my BF was at the seafood counter selling shrimp they had on sale. They had tons of shrimp, and needed to sell it. In comes "evil customer" and he butts up to the front of the line and starts yelling, loudly, about how the shrimp are bad, they smell bad, they taste bad, they won't peel right. BF sees other customers in line getting ready to leave so he asks bad customer if he could please have the shrimp back. Customer tosses them on the counter. BF looks into the bag and says in a loud, but calm voice:

"Sir, you're supposed to cook them before you eat them".

He then offered to steam aforementioned shrimp for evil customer. Evil customer treated him with much greater respect after that incident.

Sometimes bad service, sometimes bad customers.

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