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EB Games

Hubby and I went to EB games to trade in 11 games we had sitting around the house that we didn't play. We wanted a computer game. When we took 1 step in the store, the staff jumped on us, seeing we had tradeins, and I waited at the counter for the total while hubby looked for the game we wanted. Simple so far yes?
We noticed while we were entering the store that a large poster at the entrance said "Get CASH for your games NOW! (See associate for detalsl)" So we thought, yay! We don't have to spend all our trade in on the computer game! Or so we thought...
We get the total for the trade ins and it comes to $30. Just as this was totaled my hubby gets back with a used version of the computer game. This was another yay, since we like used and have never had problems with them. The associate helping us finishes ringing in the computer game and the following conversation ensues:
M: Me! (words in parenthesis my thoughts, I did not say these things)
H: Hubby
A: ASSociate

A: So you'll get the balance of this on a giftcard, your balance is $20.
M: *points to sign* We'd like the balance in cash please
A: Just go pick out something else you want!
M: We would like CASH please (don't tell me no when you have a sign up)
A: You can use the giftcard when you come back next time.
H: We live 3 hours from the nearest EB, we don't know when we'll be back.
M: *I didn't yell this, I simply got more insistent in tone* WE WOULD LIKE CASH PLEASE *points to sign again* (Is this too hard to understand?)
A: *sighs loudly* Well cash is 20% less, so you'd LOSE FOUR DOLLARS (oh noes!)
H: we'll take it
A: FINE, but you have to fill out paperwork twice.
H: No problem, we would just like our game and our cash
A: I need and ID you know
H: *already has it out*

FINALLY we get our cash! Sheesh, was it that hard when you all seemed to be desperate for our old copy of Ecco the Dolphin? Needless to say, we will not be doing our tradeins with EB anymore.
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