Kaitlyn (kaitlyn142) wrote in bad_service,

What I get for giving a second chance...

We went to Red Robin tonight, and I'm sure I'll be regretting it a few hours from now. I have a really bad lactose allergy. One bite of buttered green beans had me deathly ill for three hours. As a rule, when this allergy is in full swing, I don't go out to eat. I don't trust restaurants. I was out with my family tonight, and they wanted to go to Red Robin, so I figured I'd suck it up and pray that all would go well. I'd been to this place before and had horrid service. I figured it was a one time thing, though, and went along with everyone.

I ordered a burger and stressed to my server that I had a severe lactose allergy, and that my burger could not touch any cheese/butter/whatever. I'm a server myself, and I know I always appreciate it when people tell me they have an allergy. The rest of my family ordered, with my mother getting a bleu cheese burger.

My food arrived, life was peachy, and I questioned my server again on my burger and its lactose-free status. She assured me she'd typed in "allergy" when she ordered the food back. My restaurant pays attention to that allergy word, so I figured all was safe. And it was, until I got to the mouthfull of bleu cheese. Unfortunately, I swollowed it before I realized that odd taste in my mouth was bleu cheese. I started freaking out, but there was nothing I could do. I'd eaten it. My mother inspected the burger and found a huge chunk of the stuff. The server came by to check on us, and I told her my burger had bleu cheese. She offered to had it remade, but the damage was done.

The manager came out and explained that the kitchen had used the same spatula on my burger as my mother's burger, and offered to give me his card, presumably to cover medical bills. My meal got comped, of course. Come to think of it, he never did bring over his card. I guess that's not a big deal, since if I react, I won't be going to the hospital. It's just several hours of utter, utter agony. I hate life. :(

I still left an over 20% tip, as I didn't have a problem with the service itself. I just won't be going back to Red Robin ever! Shame, because the banzai burger is obscene amounts of tastyness.
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