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Travelocity horrors

I recently booked a simple 2 room, one night stay through Travelocity to go to Disney on Thanksgiving with my daughters, mom, and hubby. I needed to change it to just one room after my husband became unable to go. This is where everything went to hell. I received the worst service of my life with errors, cancellations and crappy phone service. Below the cut is the letter I sent through their own website (which only allows so many letters) and a copy of the letter I emailed to every executive address I could find on Google.

From: memberservices@travelocity.com
Date: 2005/11/26 Sat PM 05:50:29 EST
To: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.net
Subject: Travelocity Customer Service Request - Other questions

The following information request was submitted to customer service :

E-mail : xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.net
Message : After a combined 10 hours of dealing with customer service, half of
which was on hold, 7 agents who told me they fixed problems that weren't
actually fixed, a delay causing me to miss renting a rider cart (which I need
due to arthritis) and a problem only finally fixed by the hotel itself, I am
never using Travelocity again.
Product : Hotel
Topic : Other questions
Tripid : xxxxxxxxx

and the email I sent after searching for addresses

From: Kelli Rose <xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net>
Date: 2005/11/26 Sat PM 06:10:04 EST
To: <travelocity@travelocity.com>
CC: <judy@vollmerpr.com>,<priscilla.marin@travelocity.com>,<michelle.peluso@travelocity.com>,<tracey.weber@travelocity.com>,<lesley.harris@travelocity.com>
Subject: Appaling service received

To Whom It May Concern,
I booked 2 hotel rooms on September 24th through your site for November 24th,
one night stay (trip id #xxxxxxxxxxx) 3 adults 2 kids non-smoking. On November 10th I called to have one of the rooms taken off as my husband was no longer going with us. The person I
spoke to told me (after talking to the hotel) that the hotel didn't have my reservation. I was told Travelocity would be faxing papers over to the hotel and all would be fixed. I called back late the next day (as I was asked to) and was told the papers hadn't gone through yet and to call back the next day.I called back 2 days later to give adequate time. The woman I spoke to assured me that the problem had been fixed and I now had just one room for 2 adults and
2 kids. When I got the confirmation email the next day it stated only 2 adults and no kids. So I called customer service for the 4th time. The woman I spoke to this time put me on hold to tell the hotel about the two kids. She came back and said the hotel was fine with this but she said she could not send me a new confirmation email. This was on November 14th. I called the hotel itself the night before (the 23rd) to comfirm the reservation with the 2 kids so I would
not have to stop by in the morning as we were planning to go straight to Disney and check in at night. They told me that instead of having only one room canceled that the entire reservation had been cancelled. So I again called your customer service.
The person I spoke to told me they had it showing that I did have the room and that the woman I spoke to before had spoken to Ivan at the hotel to confirm the addition of two kids. So I was put on hold while they called the hotel and spoke to Donna. They came back and told me that since you had the confirmation they were going to fax it to the hotel (care of Donna) and she had a room on hold for me. I was told I could call back in an hour to either you or the hotel and my room would be there. I called back 90 minutes later to the hotle and spoke to Donna who said she was still waiting for the fax. I called Travelocity again and the man who I spoke to told me he would send the fax himself and confirmed the details with me. One room, two adults, 2 kids, in my name for November 24th, checking out on the 25th. He told me I could call the hotel back in 10 minutes and it would be fixed.
Since it was now almost 11pm I waited till we got up the next morning for our drive. I called at 5:30am to the hotel who told me I would have to check back at 8. Sicne we would be in Orlando by then we just stopped by instead. When I got there I found nothing had changed. They had no fax and only my completely cancelled original reservation. We waited 40 minutes while the hotel people spoke with you. Finally our room was confirmed (though they had only smoking left as well so our room had that smoker smell to it) and we were allowed to check in early. The added kicker to everything else was because of the time delay from waiting
that morning I got to Disney in time for the last riding scooters (I have arthritis and walking for long periods is extremely difficult for me) rented 3 people in front of me in line. So not only did I have to repeatedly deal with extremely long hold times, agents who don't seem to know what they are doing, or would tell me they took care of things that clearly weren't taken care of, I also lost alot of ability to have fun with my children at Disney as we had to go very slowly until 4 pm when more carts became available. Without the delay
in reservations the morning of November 24th I most definately would have been there in time for a cart.
I am most definately never using Travelocity for hotel bookings (or any bookings) ever again. The only reason I used you in the first place was the guarantee of rooms if problems arise. I can only assume you have the guarantee because of the level of incompetency demands it just to get a simple room booked. I would like to add that your voice recognition on your
call line is horrible as it mishears frequently and takes quite a bit of effort to get an actual person on the phone.
Kelli Razen

Next time I'm booking straight from the hotels themselves. No amount of money saved is worth the extreme aggrivation and incompetence I encountered.

EDIT: I received 2 form letters of apology in my email just now, as well as this one
Mrs. Rose,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. At Travelocity, we aim to provide
excellent customer service, and I'm very sorry we did not meet that standard in
your case. By copy to our senior care team, someone will be in touch with you
shortly to get this resolved. Once again, you have my apologies.


From one of the executives. My last name is on my account but she apparantly thought it was the one from my lj name/email. I also received a phone call of apology from Roger telling me that Paisley would be calling Monday or Tuesday to discuss my issue. He made a lame excuse about faxes not always going through (once or twice maybe but 5 times and with different reps??) so we'll see what happens.
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