She's Dangerous (wbatpoaginar) wrote in bad_service,
She's Dangerous

Update to this post about The Limited.

I finally made it back up there after work on Thursday. It just so happened that I wore the top in question to work that day. Hehe.

The same saleslady was there, and I walked in, recepit in hand, and asked to speak to her management. Obviously she has short term memory because she asked if there was anything she could help me with. Big mistake.

Me: Obviously, me.
SL : Saleslady.

Me: Sure you can help me. How do you think this top looks on me?
SL: It looks great!
Me: You *really* think so? It's not too small?
SL: Not at all!
Me: Strange then that this is the size medium that you told me that I couldn't try on a couple of weeks ago because I'd "stretch it out so that nobody else could buy it". Now, I'd like to speak to your manager, please.

PWND. That was fun.

Anyway, so I spoke to the manager, showed her the receipt from the other location, and explained that I was more than prepared to spend that much if not more in her location until my encounter with her rude salesperson. Hell, the only reason I didn't spend more in the other location is I was already pressed for time, so I didn't have time to try on a lot of items. I further explained that I'd never had a problem like that in a Limited before, and found that usually salespeople went above in beyond, as far as doing things like bringing me items they think I might like to the dressing room so that all I have to do is try things on and choose what I like out of what looked good, which is why I've been so brand loyal. (Oh, and I have a friend that used to work for Limited, so I know that while they have sales goals and are recgonized for sales amounts that are above and beyond, they do NOT work on comission).

She was very appologetic and offered some coupons, but I told her that I wasn't interested in coupons, I was interested in seeing that the problem be remedied because encounters like that would do nothing but ensure that I stop shopping at Limited all together, despite my habit of dumping a couple of hundred dollars at that store every couple of months. She insisted I take the coupons anyway, and said that she would make sure the GM was aware of everything we'd discussed, and any diciplinary action would be up to him/her. She appologized several times over and seemed genuinely concerned about the problem, and insisted that employee behavior of that nature is not at all acceptable. So, hopefully that salesperson will be dicliplined and/or fired. I never want to be the reason someone loses their job, and I understand bad days, but there was just no fucking excuse. None.
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