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Mr. Dr. Grumpy Mister, M.D. aka the Twelfth Doctor

Keep your comments where the customers can't hear you, IDIOT.

I cannot believe what just happened to myself, my roommate, and my friend at Pizza Delight.

It all started out very well. We placed our orders, were crazy-happy at the Grill Your Own Bread Bar, everything was hunky-dory. Then our food came. My friend and I ordered poutines. The gravy My friend said it tasted like someone had dumped floor cleaner into it. The aftertaste was hideous. I took two bites and felt sick. So, we called our waitress, whom I'll call J, back over. She took them away and said she'd have new ones made.
We chill out and eat the rest of our bread while my roommate scarfs down her flat'za.
J comes back with new poutines. While she finds us forks and refills, we find the gravy's still off. I explain to her that I just cannot eat this. She asks what we'd like to do, and I said we'd just get a pizza. (Even though we were full from the bread bar, that thing is free and we are NOT walking off with bellies full on the dime of the restaurant, that's just rude.) She takes the poutines away again to give us a bit of time to think about what we want.
After a minute, we hear from the other side of the restaurant, "The gravy's always the same, that's BULLSHIT!"
The voice is strident and loud. J has a soft, nice voice. It isn't her. All three of us narrow our eyes. Oh no she didn't. My roommate realizes it's the same bitch who served her and our posse the other night at our buddy's birthday supper. She gave terrible service, and got a tip that reflected that.
Our nice J comes back and we order a pizza. Which, by the way, turned out to be perfect.
So we're eating and the waitresses (there were three) are cleaning up the restaurant. J is sweeping. We are the only ones left in the place.
While we are waiting for J to finish sweeping and get us our check (we weren't in a hurry, we'd put her through enough), she was at the waitstop doing something. This bitch, whom we know was the one who cried "bullshit", flounced up to her and said "J, you should be done sweeping by 10, right? It's quarter to."
WHAT. J has customers, you bint. Oh no she didn't.
J finally gets us the check, I notice the poutines are taken off, it's only $26. So I give her $40 and insist no change. Dialogue:
Me: By the way, your co-worker is appalling.
J: How do you mean?
Me: We heard her commenting about us and cursing.
J: I know. You can hear everything in the restaurant.
Me: We knew it wasn't you, but we're not impressed with her at all.
J: She's out of line. It was just two poutines, you know? That's nothing if it makes you happy.
Me: I know and we feel bad about that. But it doesn't warrant the comment. What if a child was in the restaurant and heard "bullshit"?
J: She's very childish. She doesn't usually work here, she works up to the other one.
Me: You don't tipshare, do you?
J: No, I get everything.
Me: Good, I don't want her getting a cent of the money I just gave you.
J: Oh no, she won't!
Me: She gave bad service to my roommate with the big party that was in the other night as well.
J: She's been doing that...
Me: Do you have a manager?
Other Waitress Sweeping Behind Us: Not here right now.
J: He's in and out, you know? He manages the other ones too.
Me: Well, I will call tomorrow and let him know about this. You're terrific, but something needs to be done about her.
J: Sounds good to me!

And we left. I AM going to call tomorrow, get the manager, and let him know that J is a great waitress and should be given a raise or what have you, but that other bint (whose name we don't know but I can describe her accurately) needs to be FIRED because she has no concept of professionalism.

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