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Home Improve Fraud

Well I never thought I'd be writing a journal but I need to vent and in doing so maybe I can stop someone else from being ripped off as I have been.

The saga started early this year when I decided I wanted to add some living space onto my house. I have a small house. A very small house, but it's mine. The previous owner was my grandmother and I love the house. It's just a bit too small.

I did everything I thought I should do, got three estimates, checked out the BBB, got references, went to one of those websites that claims to provide a SERVICE just like MAGIC by prescreening "SERVICE professionals". Well in my experience they did a pretty pi$$ poor job of it.

WARNING: IN MY EXPERIENCE, SERVICE just like MAGIC and other websites that offer to match you with professionals really only cared about the advertising dollars they got, and rather than matching me with a professional, they simply provided thieves and other assorted scum a large pool of potential victims of which I was one.

Long story short. I contracted with "Custom View Builders" out of Secane PA. Gene and Paul Macerato sold me this job with a lot of BS. The thing that sold me was the story that Gene recounted about how his son, Matthew Macerato, had been robbed and murdered 12/26/04 at the store where he worked. Bound, and shot in the back of the head along with a female co-worker.

You'd think, wouldn't you, that someone who had experienced the brutal murder of his youngest child would not even think of using that to steal from people. Well like me, if you thought that, you'd be wrong. That's just what the SOB did. Looked me in the eye and sold me this job, because I felt sorry for him. I never in my wildest dreams thought someone could be so cold, calculating, and unfeeling as to do that.

WARNING: Don't feel so sorry for anyone that you give them a job just because they recount the brutal murder of a family member or some other terrible tragedy.

So at this point I have a foundation in the back yard that has been sitting since July. I'm out about 50K and I need to figure out how not to loose my shirt (and my house, car, family, etc.)

I'm open for suggestions. All legal avenues are being explored, charges have been filed, warrants have been issued, and the wheels of "justice" grind ever so slowly.

I promised Eugene and Paul that I would be sure to tell everyone what sort of job they did. At the time, I expected to be telling good stories. Still I'm keeping my promise.
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