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Update on the yard guys!!

A few posts ago I told everyone about my yard guys opening my gate and my dog getting out. The owner was supposed to call me the next morning by 10:00. Well, he didn't call. Now wait for it....he ran over here so we could talk face to face! How awesome was that? After I posted the last time I started thinking so I called my local police department and talked to a friend of mine that works there. He came over and took pictures of the gate, the fence, the beware of dog sign and a few candid shots of me and my Akita for cuteness! :)

He also had me fill out a form (I think it is like an incident report)Turns out it wasn't needed. The owner came out to my house, listened while I told him what had happened, and then went out back with me to see to the gate. He was horrified at what his workers did. I truly believe he was. He was just as baffled as me as to WHY his workers opened the gate. He was pretty furious when I told him about the one guys attitude and smart alex remark. He assured me he would no longer be on the payroll. I told him there was no need to fire the guy (the holidays are coming!)but I would like him not to return to my home and I would like not to be charged for 8 hours when they were only here about 2 hours. He offered me my money back but I told him I really just want my yard leveled. He showed me te paperwork the guys had and it clearly said NOT to enter the backyard because of the dog. He also told me he warned them again before they left and advised they leave the dog at home.

Long story short..he had my yard done in 8 hours, he gave me 25% off the estimate and today when I got home there was a big bone for Jagger and an apology note from the owner. I'm beyond satisfied and since you all were so helpful I wanted to let you know how it was resolved. Jagger is happy..he has been gnawing on that bone since I opened it :)
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