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12 hours to deliver groceries?

Being college students, my roommate and I do what we can to save a few bucks, we thought we found a good way through a locally owned grocery store, Coleman's. But it's turning out to be sooo not worth it with the attitude they have and it's turning out to be a big inconvience.

We placed our order yesterday morning using their online sustem around 9:30. Yesterday was the good day for it because we were home all day to wait for the groceries, but my roommate had an evening class, and I need to work on papers in the computer lab.

So that's what we done yesterday, waited, and waited, and waited for our groceris to show up. Because they claim, that order before 1pm for same day delivery. Just couldn't wait anymore had to go to class.

Go to 3 hours later, we come home and my roommate has messages on her phone.
Fist message: *click
2nd: *click*
3rd: *click*
4th: *Click*
5th: "Hi this is the Guy From Coleman's, it's now 15 min till we close, we tried to deliver your groceries several times tonight. I guess you'll get them tomorrow." *click* This message was said in a very rude and snobby manner. We were not impressed.

So cue to this morning. You think that since we didn't get our groceries last night we were be one of the first ones on the list this morning for the first deliveries, but this is not the case. So I give them a call.
"Hi This is *ME*. I placed an order for delivery yesterday morning, I know you tried to deliver last night but my roommate and I had evening classes and we missed you. I was woundering if you could tell me when it's likely to be delivered, as we have classes today and don't want to miss you again."

Lady who answered (who was really polite I might add):Okay I'll check on that for you. *can hear her asking manager*
Manager in the background: we tried several times to deliver last night and left a message *inn the same annoying rude tone*
Lady: They had an evening class
*more conversation I couldn't hear*
Lady back to be: What time are you free today?
Me: *gives times* basically 10:30 to 3:30 I'm not home.
Lady: Well the delivery guy is out of the road now, if he gets back in time I'll send him over with your order for 10:30.
Me: Thank You

So I get ready for class and write this post.

What I want to know, is how come it took them 12 hours! to come with our groceries? Not impressed.

Edit: Just got the groceries, they made the effort to get them out here. But guess what! Part of the order is missing. It's really not worth the hassle anymore, not impressed at all.
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