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Taco Bell Hell.

I'm telling you, the Taco Bell over where I live must employ the biggest imbeciles ever. For the past two days I've been on a big taco kick. For some reason all I have been craving is tacos. Tacos, tacos, tacos! I normally do not eat fast food because well, let's face it. It's not good for you. And the even remotely "healthy" things that some fast food places carry are not as healthy as you might think they are. Anyhow, I've just been craving tacos a lot lately so my fiance and I decided to take a trip to Taco Bell late one night. He wasn't hungry, but wanted to come for the ride since we had not seen each other all day.

We get there, and my fiance and I go throug the drive through to order. I get the usual. Two hard beef tacos with lettuce, tomato, and NO cheese. I make sure to emphasize the no cheese bit since I can't stand cheese on my tacos. (call me weird if you want)

Employee: Taco Bell. Give me your order now.

(thinking to self: well, hi to you too asshole!)

Me: Hi, yes, may I please have two hard beef tacos with JUST lettuce and tomato, and NO cheese on either of those please. That'll be all, thanks!

Employee: Okay, so two hard beef tacos with NO lettuce or tomato, and JUST cheese?

Me: *boggles* No, I'd like to have JUST lettuce and tomatos on those, but NO cheese at all, please.

Employee: Okay, so you DON'T want any lettuce, JUST cheese and tomato?

Me: *getting rather annoyed at this point because I am speaking very loud and clear and there's a big line forming in back of me* No, I'll repeat it again. *gets a bit louder* I'd like TWO hard beef tacos with JUST lettuce and tomato. ONLY lettuce and tomato. NO cheese on either of those at all.

Employee: Ohhhh, okay I see. So you want extra cheese??


Employee: Ohhhh, NO cheese. Got it. Drive up.

So I drive up to the next window after paying and get my food. I look in the bag because 9 times out of 10, your order is gonna get messed up. And guess what? There's two hard beef tacos like I had ordered.. FILLED WITH CHEESE AND NO LETTUCE OR TOMATO.

No one is near this window anymore, and there's tons of cars behind me so I wait about 1 minute then when I realize no one is going to acknowledge me, I honk my horn very very lightly since I could not reach over to tap on the glass. Someone finally comes over:

Me: Hi, uhmm my order was messed up. I had ordered two hard beef tacos with just lettuce and tomato, no cheese, but I was given two tacos with JUST cheese...

Employee: *BIGSIGHEYEROLLHUFFPUFF%$#* Dammit, hold on! *slams window shut*

Me: *looks at fiance who's just sitting there with his mouth open*

*employee comes back and gives me 2 fresh tacos which are the way I wanted them*

Me: Thanks, I appreciate it. Is there something wrong with the speaker or the headsets or something? I was practically screaming my order and had to repeat it several times..

Employee: *BIGSIGHEYEROLLHUFFPUFF%$#* No, our headsets are working just fine!!! I don't see why you can't just take what we give you and get going. I mean, so what if it has JUST cheese on it?? What's wrong with that?? YOU'RE RUINING OUR DRIVE THROUGH TIMES HERE, YOU KNOW THAT?? WE DON'T CARE IF YOU LIKE CHEESE OR NOT, JUST TAKE WHAT YOU'RE GIVEN AND GO AWAY!

Me: ... Well, for one thing, thank you so VERY MUCH for spitting on me. That's very classy. Secondly, I'm SO very sorry that my oh so "highly difficult" order is ruining your day. Have a LOVELY evening, jerk. *sweet smile*

At this point I drive off before I get REALLY mad and say things that I don't want to say. I mean WTF? How difficult is it to make a fucking taco with JUST LETTUCE AND TOMATO AND NO CHEESE? Not exactly complicated. Shit, even a fucking 3 year old could do that. And secondly, who the fuck are they to tell me to "just take what I am given". It's my damn money and I like my tacos without cheese. I didn't know that was so damn hard to process. I mean, if you can't make a taco correctly then you have far worse problems than meets the eye. And wtf.. Don't throw a fit when someone is being patient and reasonable with you. There's no need for that.

This reminded my fiance of a time when he went to Taco Bell with a friend at a different location. He ordered two beef tacos with just cheese. What did he get? Two empty shells with.. just cheese. No meat. He specified "two soft beef tacos with just cheese". Not sure why that would hint that all he wants is cheese and no meat, but okay!

I called corporate the following day to report this crap, and apparently this guy has been screwing up people's orders deliberately just to piss them off, and has been doing other stupid things as well. I got a call back hours later to let me know what was going to happen. The rude drive-thru guy got caught tampering with food today apparently and was fired immediately and further action will be taken.

I has asked how he had tampered with the food and the person who had called me back said that he was found putting dead bugs into people's food. Yes, I checked my tacos before I ate them. Call me crazy, but I get highly paranoid after any incident like that and always check my food since I know for a fact that people at this particular Taco Bell have done some messed up things in the past. Only reason I went there is because those certain people were not working there anymore and it didn't really cross my mind at the time. Thankfully I've never found anything in my food that didn't belong there.

Needless to say, I'm happy this weirdo got fired and I don't think I'll be going back to Taco Bell anymore..

Edit: I don't lie. Believe what you want. But since some tend to feel I would actually have wasted 15-20 minutes of my already busy life typing this out to a bunch of strangers on the net, I'll be sure to either post the letter from corporate that I should be getting sometime after the holiday regarding the incident, or if this makes newspaper as I believe it will once they figure out what is to be done, I'll post the damn article just so shut people up. OH WAIT, BUT MAYBE I'LL DECIDE TO SPEND 54353 HOURS OF MY LIFE MAKING ONE IN PHOTOSHOP, because you know, I don't have a LIFE or anything. Nope, no life whatsoever. Come ON.
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