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First post

Last night I made a trip to the mall to return a single camisole I got from the Limited. I walk in with the original bag, the receipt in my hand, the credit card used to make the purchase in my hand. When I walk up to the counter there are two cashiers behind it and two customers. The one on the left is a manager and the one on the right is some twiggy high school bimbette. As the girl on the right is finishing her sale and putting it into the bag, she looks up at me and says to the manager woman that she's taking a break. Now, all she does it turn her back to me and start looking through the clothing on the back counter, just kind of swishing them around and not sorting, folding, organizing or doing anything that looked even remotely like work. She was picking them up and putting them to her body to see how she'd look, the whole time avoiding eye contact. The customer on the left, meanwhile, apparently is a regular customer but has some issues with returns, exchanges, gift receipts, certificates... basically a lot of random stuff all at once. So I ended up standing there for about 10 minutes while little miss I'm So Special jsut didn't *feel* like helping me and her manager didn't say a thing. Now, I had to make a special trip just for this, my friend was in the hospital and I wanted to visit her, I had an appointment scheduled for later in the evening, and this totally ticked me off. When the manager finally finished with her regular, it took less than a minute to help me.
Bad service, you think?
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