Daundelyon (daundelyon) wrote in bad_service,

What is it with Wendy's lately?

This is part sucky service, and part sucky management.
On Sunday evening, I was stuck in a food court with few options. Noting that my first choice, a deli place, looked to be closing, I decided to brave the line at Wendy's instead. While in line, I looked at the menu and decided that a single combo with a baked potato sounded pretty tasty.
The line was getting rather long, and I was pleased to note that the manager came out and opened a second register. I went up, ordered my food, and moved to one side to wait. As I was waiting, the customer who had been two ahead of me came back up to the counter. Turns out he was given a mushroom chedder melt instead of the big bacon classic with cheese that he orderd. The manager fixed the problem, and then handed me my bag.
Some instinct kicked in, because I checked the bag before I walked away. Sure enough, fries instead of a baked potato. I got the manager's attention, and he got my potato and let me keep the fries (which I gave to a hungry friend). Satisfied, I walked off to my table. Opened up my sandwich and...
It was a plain cheeseburger. Now, for me at least, part of the appeal of a Wendy's burger is that it comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. without having to ask for them. Fuming slightly, I went back and got it fixed.
The manager's excuse? "Well, she's new." The response I wish I'd given on behalf of the frazzled looking prep girl? "Then maybe she shouldn't be trying to cope with such a massive rush by herself! Get the rest of them on the ball!" Seriously, there were at least three other people back there, and only one appeared to be doing anything even remotely useful. While I'm glad manager fixed the problem, a little more attention to what was going on behind him could have prevented the problem in the first place.

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