I'm half-doomed and you're semi-sweet (likelystory) wrote in bad_service,
I'm half-doomed and you're semi-sweet

I work in a shopping mall. I rely on our food court for sustenance on my breaks. There are plenty of places with products that actually resemble real food, but if I'm in a hurry to get back to the shop, my experience has been that our Wendy's is very fast. It appears that this is no longer the case.

When I got there on Saturday, the line was held up because one of the workers had overcharged someone's Visa and the manager was trying to straighten it out. No big deal, everyone makes mistakes. When I finally got up there to place my order, I ordered a Big Bacon Classic and a medium fry. The cashier gave me an odd look and asked if I wanted the combo, because "it's cheaper." I smiled and said that I didn't want the drink (I had a coffee drink back at work). She double-checked several times, and I repeatedly reassured her that I didn't want the combo. This was partially because the combo was not, in fact, cheaper. It's listed as $4.79, and my total was $4.48.

Now, there was a guy in the back who appeared to be exclusively in charge of fries. He kept getting fries for orders, then spending several minutes asking his other busy coworkers exactly what size fries he needed and where they were supposed to go. They seemed exasperated, and told him that it was on the screen, but he replied, "Well, I wanted to be sure." Then, they ran out of fries. He quickly put two baskets into the fryer, as his manager gave her best "oh my god, I'm going to kill you" face. I was informed that it would be about 3 minutes for my fries.

When the fries were finally ready, the girl at the other register started getting her customers' fries herself, since the fry guy was doing nothing useful. As such, people from her line who had ordered after me were getting their orders almost immediately. Finally, the manager got my fries and filled my order, and I was free to go. By this time, half of my half-hour break was gone. I wouldn't mind so much if I hadn't chosen Wendy's purely on the fact that it WOULDN'T take up half of my break time.

Several of my coworkers have had the similar problems with our Wendy's lately. I guess they no longer have an efficient staff.

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