Karina Lynn (karinalynn) wrote in bad_service,
Karina Lynn

Today I went to Lerner (NY & Co.) to get some new pants and some socks. My mom has a credit card there and put me on it so I can use it. She has requested a card for me three times. She still hasn't received one. Bad service, yes, but not a huge deal. I can go in there and give them our info and they can call it in. It usually takes about 2-3 minutes for them to do it and even though it's an small inconvenience to them, they're usually really nice about it. I live 350 miles away from my mom, so it's not like I can just borrow her card.

For those of you who don't know, their clothes are pretty much business casual/kind of middle age women clothes. I usually wear band shirts and Levi's and an old pair of Chucks. I also have a Misfits purse that catches some strange looks when I go in there. I usually ignore it. Between my mom and I we spend between $200-$300 there a month. We're good customers. We've been shopping there since I was in Jr. High (which was about 15 years ago.)

I found a pair of pants I like (in a size bigger than I bought last time even though I've lost 10 lbs. They are cutting their clothes smaller now. I hate it, but that's a different rant altogether.) I pick out some socks and head for the counter. We get up to the counter and the girl doesn't say anything. She doesn't even smile. She barely makes eye contact. I knew this was going to be trouble. I had all of my stuff out for her to call it in. I explained the situation and this is what went down:

Her: I can't call this in or ring it up. You have to call customer service.
Me: We have, three times, and they still haven't sent us another card.
Her: Well you need to call them again then, I can't help you.
Me: I've never had a problem with this before. I come in several times a month and they always call it in. Can I speak with your manager?

*She asks her manager who tells her to just call it in. She rolls her eyes, then huffs over to the phone and calls in. It takes her about 10 minutes. The whole time she's sighing and rolling her eyes and giving me dirty looks. I'm getting extremely pissed off at this point. She finally comes back over and tells me that she requested the card again and it should be at my mom's in 7 days and she starts ringing me up. I thank her and apologize for the inconvenience. I'm still pissed off, but I was being nice because I realized that I was inconveniencing her. She rolled her eyes AGAIN, shoved the bag at me and mumlbled under her breath "have a nice day." because she had to say it.

It's not like I was asking her to bend the rules. I wasn't asking her to do something outside of her job description. I wanted to buy some pants and socks and leave. It's not my fault that the company has ignored my mom's request 3 times for a card. She lied to me to try to get rid of me. Am I blowing this out of proportion or should I write to corporate?
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