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bad service from the cops?


Please, SOMEONE. Explain this logic to me.

Scenario: van gets broken into. owner of van finds the perp, he threatens her with bodily harm and then takes off. witnesses arrive on scene, police are called. they set up around the area and scour for the perp.

Confuzzlement: Not a single cop has checked the van, talked to the victim or taken statements. It's now been 2 hours and there's no ETA. Witness, namely moi, gets to stay up all night on the offchance that the police call. The victim, who is understandably shaken and upset (this is the 3rd time her van has been broken into, and she can't afford to replace it, having just invested in extra security measures and a $2000 wheelchair lift for her husband) - is subject to the same fate.

What the jiminy jebus FUCK?!
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