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After reading this post I was reminded of my own dissapointing trip to KFC.

After R and I had finished some of the errands we had to do that day we were a bit peckish, so we decided to stop at KFC. We go in because his driver side window won't go down and the staff is just kinda milling around in the back by the drive thru window. They didn't immediately come over to help us, but that was ok, we were looking at the menu. The girl that was at the register when we stepped forward to order seemed really annoyed that we came in, but got everything rung up and went back over to the drive thru window. We stepped back and waited, chatting quietly. Two or three minutes past and we noticed ... they weren't doing anything. We had three snackers and a large box of popcorn chicken, a fairly simple order I would've thought. They just milled around as far away from the counter as they could, two tried to look busy fiddling with the ovens. We weren't sure what to do, so we just watched them a bit more than we had been. More minutes passed and more people had come in. No one stepped forward to take their order and this big dude leaned down to look past the buffet they have up there and said really loud, "Anyone working back there today!?" The workers kinda glared at him and kept to their milling until he said, "Hey, you've got customers over here!" Then a manager ran out of the back and started ordering the employees to get to it. Our stuff magically appeared seconds later and we left. We probably should've been a little more forward about wanting our stuff, but we weren't in any hurry.

On the way home I opened my popcorn chicken and tasted it. Really old and tasted strongly of gravy, but I ate it anyway because it wasn't worth dealing with them again. The snackers were good and hot. R was upset about it, but just said we'd never go there again instead of making a fuss. It was completely different from my experiences where I used to live, but I suppose with the area its in, we're lucky we got our food correctly.

This was over a month ago, btw.
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