Karen (molkat) wrote in bad_service,

We've been having trouble with UPS since we've moved into our apartment two years ago. We have two different delivery people, one for the afternoon and one in the evening. The afternoon guy is fine, no issues but the evening one is too lazy to bring packages to people's doors. When she's not feeling like doing her job she stops off at the office right before it closes and drops off all of her deliveries. Then if she's in the mood will put a notice on your door. As a result by the time she puts the notice on your door the office is closed and you can't get your package until the next; a major problem if you paid for next day or overnight delivery. She could have at least dropped them off at a time when the office wouldn't be closing so we'd have a chance to walk down and get it.

Yeah, UPS got an earful about how when we pay to use their service we expect them to deliver to our door if we are home. Also that if we pay extra to get it delivered earlier, we don't receive that service if our package is dumped off somewhere we don't have access to. This is the same driver that when I had ordered a new computer the driver called and claimed she couldn't get into the building making me go down and carry the thing up to my apartment. Bullshit, you have an access card to get in to the building. Also just last week she tried to dump a package off at my door for a different apartment and rolled her eyes when I pointed it out to her. Not my job to correct your mistakes and escort the package to the right apartment. If she doesn't want to carry packages up and down stairs then maybe UPS isn't the right job for her.

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