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I give up

Yesterday I treated my friend to lunch and we decided to go to a buffet. A month early we went to a casino and we recieved horrible service. However, I like to give places a second chance so we returned to the same casino and the same buffet. I thought itd be fine as we didnt have the same server. We get seated rather quickly (seeing as it was busy and they needed to get us a high chair and a booster seat). I get up to get my daughter's food after telling my friend what I wanted to drink and what to get my daughter to drink. I return, drinks are there, friend is now getting her food (after I got back), so I sit with the kids and start drinking my soda. Friend returns and I have about half a glass left so I get up and go get my food. As Im eating, my drink is quickly disappearing. No sign of the server. I get up to get more food and am completely out of soda. Still no sign of server or at least no sign of him acting like we are there. He comes by while I'm gone and I had put the empty plates in front of my empty glass. Would it have been so hard to ask friend if I needed a refill? I return plates gone and yet no refill. No sign of server. Everyone else around us has been asked if they needed anything but never us. I know I should of said something but a part of me felt like I would be telling him how to do his job. We had already decided that a bigger than normal tip would be in order as her kid is only 8 months old and bound to make a mess, however a lack of service wiped that thought away. While we were there, a shift change occurred and our "server" informed him that everyone but us was his section. As soon as he left, new guy immediately came up to our table and asked if we needed refills. My friend said no but left the new guy a tip just for asking. Reason she said no was we were leaving. This is the second time we have came to this particular buffet with our kids and we recieved the same lack of service twice. We decided they dont deserve any other chances from us. All that needed to be done to make sure we were happy and to ensure a big tip was to ask if we needed refills. Thats all. Oh well, lesson learned.
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