Fortune's Last Cookie (diasphora) wrote in bad_service,
Fortune's Last Cookie

Oooh oooh. How could I not post this?

Went to one of the thirty local Sonics tonight to get some dinner. It wasn't any busier than Sonic usually gets, but it wasn't dead, either. Still. I have never had a Sonic screw up anything even once (probably an exaggeration, but the point is that it seems like they never have. Great service.)

I pushed the little Button of Magic and gave my order: "I'd like a Breakfast Bistro Sandwich combo, but with no meat--just egg and cheese on the sandwich. And could I substitute fries for the tater tots? (Sonic serves breakfast all day, and subbing fries is no problem. So this wasn't a pain in the ass request.)

Magic Voice: Sure!

Me: Okay. And for the drink, a Diet Coke with easy ice.

The carhop brought out my food--cute kid. I wanted to pinch his cheeks. Anyway, I looked in my bag and saw tots instead of fries. I didn't really care, because hell, potatoes are potatoes and my show was starting soon, so I drove home.

I unwrapped the sandwich, ready to try that mmmm!tasty looking new egg/cheese Breakfast Bistro Sandwich that someone at my work had tempted me with that very morning. Instead of what I expected, I beheld a Bacon/Egg/Cheese Toaster sandwich, an item I once found so delicious that I am completely burned out on them now.

At least my soda was right. :-D

I will continue frequenting all Sonics, since this is the first oops I've seen or remembered in about eight years.

Edit: I will say with certainty that Sonic has never...EVER...given me a Regular soda in place of a diet one. I wish I could say the same for every other fast food place in history, some of them repeating offenders for three visits in a row. GAHHHHHHHHHHHH, I hate that so much. Always test your soda before driving off, kids.
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