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Dear Jerks at A&W,

I have a strong aversion to pickles. Smelling them makes me sick, tasting the juice makes me sick, and knowing that you were just morons who simply took the pickles off of my burger without making any attempt to mask the flavor was plain stupid. Stupid I can forgive though -- what irks me is that you sat there and MADE FUN OF ME while I told you what I wanted on my burger. It's not difficult -- a bacon cheeseburger with ketchup only. No vegetables, no sauces or condiments other than ketchup, no NOTHING. Heart attack city, I know. But it's how I want my burger. I'm a very rare complainer, and when I do, I'm nice about it. But the fact that pickles will literally make me sick and almost vomit isn't something I think is particularly funny.

I could hear you laughing from my seat halfway across the restaurant. Real great way to get me to go there again.

No love,
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