Jesi Rose (jesirose) wrote in bad_service,
Jesi Rose

I fucking HATE SBC.

Remember this?

They finally came to install cable, which apparently is really satellite. The quality is HORRIBLE. The guide function is wrong half of the time. And the best part we just discovered.

We set a reminder for a show we wanted to watch. It automatically switched to the show. The show has been over for half an hour, and we can't change the channel, view the guide or menu, or even turn off the fucking tv because we don't have an "exit" button on our remote.

It keeps saying to press exit if we don't wish to view the show and WILL NOT TURN OFF.

Not even using the button ON THE FUCKING BOX.

And SBC, having WONDERFUL customer service, is FUCKING CLOSED.

I am seriously going to SHOOT THEM.

EDIT: Okay, we have finally got it unplugged and plugged back in and can use it, but it's fucking insane. They gave us the wrong remote obviously, and their whole "we're closed" thing is bullshit.

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