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I just want my money back!

So I'm hating the fact that I've sort of become a frequent poster to this community, I hate to seem like a kvetch but I am livid right now and I have to vent.

As some of you may remember I posted a while back about my problems with Delta for a trip I took to Newark, NJ. Btw, I still haven't heard back from them about that and I sent the e-mail on the 31st. I've since mailed a letter to them.

But I digress... Along with the round-trip ticket from Delta I also booked and pre-paid for a hotel stay for 3 nights at Sheraton Four Points in Elizabeth, NJ. My stay there was fine, I had no problems and basically only used the room to sleep. I didn't utilize their room service or make any calls from the hotel phone, save for one to the concierge asking if they had the number to the airport which was about a 10 minute ride from there on the hotel shuttle. (I called the airport from my cell, btw)

So a litte bit after my trip home when my cell finally started working (I was dealing with the aftermath of Wilma and my phone wasn't working for a while.) I called up my bank and realized I had an overdraft charge. Since the hurricane ended up being a lot stronger than most people expected I ended up staying home a week from work as well as not being paid for the week before. I called my bank to see if they could remove the charge because of the circumstances and they agreed. Later on when things were more settled and I was able to check my account online I noticed another overdraft charge along with a charge from Sheraton for $188.10. WTF? So I call Sheraton and speak to a woman by the name of Christina in their accounting dept, I explain the situation and she tells me to fax a copy of the statement and she will give it to someone who I'll just refer to as "R" and get it taken care of. I fax a copy of my statement along with a cover page with 2 phone numbers and an e-mail address for them to contact me if there are any problems or questions. About a week goes by and I don't hear from them. I check my account online and find that the $188.10 has been refunded but the $30.00 is still on there.

I call back and ask to speak to Christina and am told she's no longer with the company so I ask to speak to R. I explain to R that I faxed the statement to Christina and that while my charge for $188.10 was taken off, I still haven't gotten refunded the $30 for the overdraft charge. R informs me that I faxed the online statement and I actually have to fax a copy of the original bank statement. I asked why I wasn't called or e-mailed about this since it's been a week and I provided all my information for them to contact me if there was a problem. He says "That's why Christina isn't here anymore." Umm... okay, so I let him know I'll fax the bank statement. Turns out I had to wait about a week to fax the bank statement because the bank hadn't even sent it to me yet and I kept forgetting it at home (my bad, of course).

Yesterday, the 15th I fax it to R's attention and ask that I be contacted to confirm receipt of the fax. No call or e-mail so today I call and ask to speak to R. I ask him if he received my fax and he tells me to hold on while he checks, he comes back and confirms that it was received. (It takes a day to check the fax?) Now to make this easier I'm going to try and replicate how my statement looked.

10/28 234 HAVERHILL RD WPB, FL $16.28

So basically on the 27th I am charged $188.10 that means I'm out $188.10 and therefore do not have the funds I was supposed to have to cover the purchase for $16.28 made on the 28th. I get two overdraft charges. One is refunded by my bank as a courtesy even though it was all a result of the charge I got from Sheraton.

First R points out that the overdraft charge was credited because of a bank error. I explain that yes, ONE of the fees was credited as a bank error but in reality the bank refunded the fee as a courtesy. They did not need to refund the fee since it was not a bank error it was a Sheraton Four Points error. However, there is still another overdraft fee. R then says that the reason I was overdrafted was because of the $16.28 purchase in WPB, FL not because of Sheraton.

At this point I cannot believe someone is this STUPID that they cannot properly read a bank statement and handle simple mathematics. Especially when they work in accounting! I explain to R that had I not been charged by Sheraton I would have had $188.10 at my disposal, which would've been more than enough to cover a $16 purchase. He then says "We'll have to look into that, we'll contact you Friday or Monday." I kind of lose it, I'm beyond pissed but I'm not flipping out or anything I remain calm but I express to R that it's pretty simple and I don't understand why I have to wait another 2 days for them to 'look into it' when it's all right there. I also let him know that I'm not happy with the fact that he hadn't even looked at my fax until just now. I finish with "I'm really disappointed with this" and he replies, almost robotically, "We have to look into this. We'll contact you Friday or Monday."

So wanting not to freak out or lose my cool I hang up with R. I need to let this marinate and get other people's point of view as to how to proceed. I'm thinking of calling back later on today and asking the front desk for the name of R's supervisor and then to be transferred directly to him so that I can let him know what's going on and why I think it's unacceptable. I'm not as much concerned with the $30 it's the fact that the way they've handled the whole thing is ridiculous. I was pretty good about getting them all the info they needed in order to refund me and I have never gotten a call back, any form of an apology or any reason as to why I was charged in the first place. I definitely think this classifies as bad service.

EDIT I called and spoke to the GM of the hotel today around 11:45m. He apologized for everything and said he would check with R and find out what was going and call me back. I've yet to receive a call so this is not looking good so far...

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