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Now, I can't say I usually expect a *lot* from my service at Wendy's, considering it's a fast food place, but STILL. Yikes.

I popped by my local Wendy's yesterday to grab a chicken mandarin salad, a lemonade, and a yogurt before I had to catch a bus in order to run an errand (I don't own a car). I should have realized something was not right when my cashier, who did not speak English as a first language (I live on a university campus, so this is not all that unusual - we have tons of Asian international students here), was squealing because her (also Asian) coworker was pinching her ear (?!).

They were speaking to each other in a different language (I suspect it was either Mandarin or Cantonese - my brother's family lives in Hong Kong, and I think I may have recognized a word or two from my nephews' vocabularies). I should say here that my cashier was definitely fluent in English; I had no problems understanding her at all. I definitely don't mind the employees communicating with each other in a different language if it makes things faster and easier for them, but they were ignoring me and pinching each other, so it was really rather weird.

The cashier finally looks at me standing there awkwardly and asks for my order. I tell her that I want a mandarin chicken salad, a medium lemonade, and a yogurt. I see her punch in the correct order on the screen, and I pay for it with my debit. She then resumes her conversation with her coworker and proceeds to ignore me.

Then the problems began. I told her twice it was to stay. She gave me the right salad and yogurt after some prompting (I had to ask twice), but she poured me some sort of strawberry Fruitopia instead of lemonade. It was bright pink, which was a pretty obvious giveaway.
Me: Er, is that lemonade? I ordered lemonade.
Her: What? No, you ordered Fruitopia!
Me: *sigh* No, lemonade. Please, I want lemonade.
note: I *HATE* that strawberry Fruitopia crap. I would *never* order it. It's too sweet and gross, and I'm on a health kick, as all of you can probably tell from what I ordered. :P She mumbled a sorry and gave me another drink, which was fine.

Unfortunately, when I sat down to eat my salad, I noticed that I had neither the almonds NOR the noodles, which are the standard included garnishes. By this time, however, the line was out the door to the cashiers, who were frantically filling orders, and I had about three minutes before my bus came. Also, despite asking for only a LITTLE bit of ice with my drink, my lemonade unfortunately contained half ice and half lemonade.

It was quite frustrating, but not extremely bad, I guess. :/ At least I'm not obligated to tip at Wendy's. :P
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