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Orange Mobile Phone

This has actually been getting me down quite a bit recently so I bow to everyone's infinite wisdom and ask for some help.

The Orange Saga.

I have been a customer of Orange since 2000, I've never missed a bill payment, I have a sunny and happy disposition. On Saturday September 10th I went to the shop to upgrade my phone.

A bloke called Leroy (yes, yes, I hear it in my head too) helped me and told me that because I was a heavy user (har, har, no pun) I could upgrade to pretty much any phone in the shop for free and I could also get a loyalty discount. If I signed up for an 18 month contract then for the first 6 months I would get a 10% discount on my line rental. If I sold my old phone back to the shop I could also get £30 off my next bill.


Sadly I couldn't actually get the phone there and then because the systems were down, but they'd save it for me (and Leroy would still get the commission) if I came in the next day.

The whole episode of getting to the point where they told me the system was down wasn't without fun and games.

Apparently to upgrade I had to provide the address that they have on my account. This was when I discovered that it wasn't my billing address (the address I've lived at for around 5 years). They wouldn't give me any clues as to what the address on file was and they didn't actualy care that I've upgraded my phone several times in the past without problem and that there really shouldn't be any other address on file for me and that I had a previous bill with me with my address on it.

So, by dint of going through my files at home I made a list of the addresses I have lived at since I have been a customer of Orange. As it turns out the address they wanted me to give was one that I lived at for 6 months in the middle of 2001. Not the first address they ever had on file for me but a random one in the middle of the several places I've lived.

I went in on the Sunday and completed the transaction after establishing which random address they wanted. I asked them to remove this from my file and they assured me that this was done straightaway.

Fast forward to the first bill after I'd upgraded. No £30 off for handing in my phone, no 10% loyalty discount.

I call the Orange helpline and speak to a nice person who tells me that sometimes it takes up to 2 months for the loyalty discount to be applied but that they had no record of thre £30 being applied to my account. They suggest taking my documents in to the shop and talking to them about it.

I make my way to the Orange shop, speak to Leroy again and he assures me that everything is fine and it sometimes takes a while for the £30 to be applied. I ask him to check that it is in the process of being done and he assures me that he can see it on his 'screen'. At the same time I check if the previous address has been removed. It hasn't. I ask Leroy to remove it, again.

Fast forward again......

My bill has arrived again. Eagerly I opened it expecting it to have £30 off and 10% discount. I really should learn to not get my hopes up.
No £30.
No 10% discount.

I again phone Orange, this time the lovely man I talk to says that there's been a problem with applying the discounts and it's having to be done manually as the system isn't picking it up automatically. He assures me that it is in hand but that he can't give me a time scale. He also tells me that there is no £30 floating around for me anywhere and I should go back to the Orange shop.

Here we hit a big snag, I twisted my ankle at the weekend and I can't get in to the Orange shop without causing myself pain.

Now I don't know what to do. I've been polite and charming so far but I'm at the end of my tether. I want them to stop pissing around, give me the money they owe me and sort out the discount. For a loyal customer I'm being treated like shit.

OK wise people, help!

Edit: This suggests that the 10% discount is for the whole time of the contract and not just 6 months. This means that I have already lost 2 months discount. This makes me even unhappier.

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