" material girl " (extrovert_soul) wrote in bad_service,
" material girl "

Story: I work for an online computer supply company. We deal with different distributors. I have to make calls to them to check stock on items, etc. Conversation:

ME: your computer supply slave
FNUT: the f*ck nut

FNUT: This is A-Hole speaking. What can I do for you?
ME: Hi, how are you?
FNUT: What can I do for you?!
ME: (okay, I'm doing well also rude ass) Okay, I'd like to check stock on some items please.
FNUT: Alright. What's the part number?
ME: First one is #56586.
FNUT: How many are you looking up
ME: About 4.
FNUT: (big sigh) Hold on, let me transfer you over to someone who has time.
ME: No problem. Sorry if I caught you at a bad time.
FNUT: No, it's not a bad time. I just don't like to deal with more than one part #.
ME: Oh. Well, sorry again.
FNUT: You should have told me it would be more than one.
ME: Uhm, I told you in the beginning I was checking stock on some items.
FNUT: Hold your horses, I'm transferring you.

If you can't handle more than one part number, then you shouldn't be working for a company that deals with numerous part #'s everyday. Loser.
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