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$1049 water bill saga continued...for the 2nd time...

well...after going through several customer service reps, 2 investigators and 1 head honcho, the final end decision about the water bill from hell was "it's really a mystery why this would happen, but our meters are never wrong, so unfortunetly you're going to be responsible for paying the bill Miss Sommerville". i thought not. and my MLA agreed. funny how fast phone calls get returned when you've got an MLA on your side. (EPCOR ignored me for a week, i left a message every day for five days in a row, the MLA called her and i shit you not within TWENTY minutes a big muckimuck from the 'EPCOR escalations department' telephoned me to get my side of the story/any info i could provide. she also started out by apologizing to me profusely for the "inappropriate comments and rudeness" that i 'suffered' by the customer service representitives from hell. (she said she read the dialogue from the 'quality assurance' tapes of our conversation...funny that).

who wants to bet that now that my member of parliment is on their backs they have this sorted out by the end of the week? i'm betting that what i couldn't get to go away in almost a month, will disppear in the next few days.

ps: thanks to you who've been following and continue to be of support and great ideas! :)
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