Jesi Rose (jesirose) wrote in bad_service,
Jesi Rose

The boy and I went to Subway for dinner. I love Subway. I ADORE the cheese and herb bread, and the turkey is so good.

Anyway, we went in and my fiance ordered first. The girl took out his bread and completely smushed it. I understand that when cutting bread you have to hold it tightly to cut it, I have cut a sub before. But you don't squish it. Then she spread it out and squished it some more. He just looked at me.

I ordered mine and they didn't have my kind of bread. This was still like, 3 hours before close, they could easily make some more if they ran out. Whatever I'll take a different bread, fine. She squished mine too!

I asked "Uhm. Are you squishing the bread?" She replied "Huh?" I was just like o.o. She goes "Do you want a new one?" and then puts it back before I can say anything. She then took a burnt one, despite there being three perfectly good ones right next to it. But whatever.

She was completely ANAL about lining the bread up on the paper (and squishing it some more) and making the veggies perfectly semetrical and such, so it took forever.

She then wrapped my fiance's sub up and squished it more while wrapping it as tight as possible. Again, wrapping tightly good, 1 inch high sub, not.

Seriously, his was ONE INCH HIGH. Despite all the meat and cheese and veggies, it was so squished.

Mine was a bit better, I guess cause I complained. But seriously. WTF.

EDIT: I repeat - this was not normal cutting and wrapping squishiness, this was completely flat and ruined bread due to her repeatedly pushing on the sandwich and smoooshing it. That is why it is bad/weird service.
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