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Telstra sucks I hate them

First let me say, We are not with Telstra anymore after the way they treated my sister.

Here is a little bit of background. My sister is disabled she has an 'unknown' disability so in other words she has little bits of many disabilities. She functions pretty well in social situations, but she needs something explained to her in a way she can understand. She turned 18 at the start of the year and we are currently getting her ready to move and become a person in the world, not just someone who only functions around other people like her.

About 3 weeks ago, I was at my Dad's house with my sister, and Telstra rang about making sure we were happy with our service and to try and sell us more things that we don't need. Jacinta (my sister) was in charge of the phone that day (so she could get some practise, she is scared of the phone which was why I was there as well). So she answered the phone and put it on speaker phone, so she could hear it a little better and I could step in if needed. Please do not get angry with myself or our family for doing this as, we are doing our best to get her ready to go out into the world, and we all learned at one stage how to use a phone etc.

The conversation went as so.

Telstra Bitch: Hi this is name calling from telstra, is it ok if I ask you a few questions about your service with us?
Jacinta: Yep.
Telstra Bitch: Do you have Message Bank on your phone?
Jacinta: Yes we do.
Telstra Bitch: Are you happy with your Message bank service?
Jacinta: Yep
And this continued for about 5 mins, he asked and Jacinta answering very politly.n Then something snapped with the telstra woman, and she started whispering the questions.
Telstra bitch: *Whispered*  .................. Not even I could hear it.
Jacinta: Pardon me, I did not hear what you asked....
Telstra Bitch: Whispered the question again.
Jacinta: repeated as above.
Telstra Bitch: *pretty much yelled* Are you a fucking Retard or what???
Jacinta: *started crying*
So I then jumped in.
Me: You didn't just say that to my sister, how dare you call her that..
Telstra Bitch: So what this is a fucking set up now....
Me: We are going now..
Telstra Bitch: Good-bye fucking retard hope you burn in hell.

Needless to say my sister and I were pretty much a mess at this point. Jacinta rang my dad at work and asked him to come home as soon as he could, and Dad said he would leave right then (He had a flexi day). Jacinta started to get more and more upset to the point she started punching her own head and calling herself a retard.

When dad finally got home (45 mins drive), he managed to calm my suster and myself down, and we told him exactly what had happened, and explained that was why everything went so wrong.

Dad then needed to calm down, and then he finally rang Telstra back to get something done about the situation. He ended up going through hell too, they told him, they hire out people at a call center to make those sorts of calls and that they could not tell him which center's they used because of privacy laws (all bullshit). So dad said he would go and see his lawyer and ring them back.  Dad saw the lawyer who then rang Tesltra and threatened them with a law suit for hiring people from the call center who were exceptionally rude and very very mean to people who disabilities. After that call they gave our Lawyer the call centers they used, and our lawyer called every single one looking for the girl who had been so rude and hurtful to my sister who thankfully wrote the girl's name down.

Then come to yesterday. My sister got a phoen call from the call center who the girl was with, and the man said a whole of 5 words to her " Sorry (name) has been fired" and then hung up.

So thats where everything is right now, Dad is threatening to go to the News if something a little more productive isn't done by then end of the week. Any ideas what else we could do? We are in Australia if that helps at all.

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