Euthanize (euthanize) wrote in bad_service,

We've had some recurring problems with a particular UPS driver. What started the whole thing was an incident about three years ago, when she reached over the fence to hand me a package before I managed to get out of the gate (I was outside gathering up fallen branches when she'd pulled up). We have dogs in the front yard, which is fully fenced, and there are "beware of dogs" and "do not reach over fence" signs hanging from the gate. so what happens when she reaches over the fence? one of the dogs jumps up and bites her on the arm.

Nothing came of that, really...she wasn't badly hurt, the dog was up to date on its shots, animal control came out to make sure he wasn't rabid or anything, and all was well. It was the first time he'd ever bitten anyone (and the last).

But then, she stopped pulling into our driveway to deliver packages. She'd stop in the road and would hang around the truck until someone came outside. She wouldn't go up to the side door, which is clear of all dogs and easy to get to. In the rare occasion that she does pull into the driveway, she'll sit in the truck and won't set foot outside of it until someone comes out. This is a problem for my mother, who has health problems that make her very fragile and have severely diminished her strength. The UPS woman will not help her with heavy boxes. She will dump the box at the end of the driveway as soon as she sees someone come outside, and then she will leave.

If no one is home, she'll stick the packages in weird places. Like the back of my father's truck, or on the trunk or hood of my car, or off to the side of the driveway. She will not leave them by the door. She doesn't even have to go anywhere near the dogs to get to that door, and since that incident my father installed a higher fence.

Tonight, about half an hour ago, she came to deliver some books I'd ordered from barnes and noble (thank you george R.R. martin, for finally giving me "a feast for crows", you slow bastard). I didn't hear her until she was about to pull away. I went outside, and she saw me and called out "I left it in the truck".

Thinking she meant in the back of the truck, I started fishing around for it, which was hard to do because it was dark outside. When she saw me reach into the back, she said "no, no, I meant the cab of the truck. I put it in there so it wouldn't get wet."

W.T.F. She hadn't come to the door. She hadn't pulled into the driveway, as usual. What she had done was open the door to my father's truck and put the book inside it, on the driver's side seat. Now, this truck is one he no longer drives, as it's really old and has engine problems. If I hadn't caught her before she'd left, I would have never known the books were in there. It could've been months before anyone bothered to take a glance in the cab.

You do not open someone's vehicle and put anything inside of it unless you have permission to do so. I'm sorry, but that's just not cool. Especially with no note that might indicate where you'd left the package. I would have assumed that the books had been misdelivered and would have ended up calling barnes and noble or UPS in an attempt to track down a package that had been delivered to my house..but in an entirely inappropriate place.

She got into her truck and drove off before I could really say anything to it..but damn. that was certainly not OK.

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