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Let me preface this by saying that I really like my DSL. It's much quicker than cable, and I can get wireless with the DSL, which is good because I just got a laptop. Also, that, in the area where I live, the only choices for high-speed internet are Charter Cable and Verizon DSL.

On September 25th, our internet was suddenly shut off at midnight. We called the next morning, and were told that the company wanted to charge us monthly on a credit card, rather than put it on our phone bill. We weren't informed ahead of time of this, which was rather annoying. We decided that we wanted to make a payment on our credit card first, and were told that, after ten days, the service would be disconnected permanently. But as long as we called in ten days or less, we'd be fine.

On the tenth day, which was November 7th, we called in with our credit card information. The woman we spoke with said that, this being the tenth day, they had just put in the disconnect order. A day early, and we couldn't cancel the disconnect. We were told to call back on Wednesday, the 9th.

Wednesday comes and we call back. First, the person we talk with is completely inept - she first confuses us for a family in an entirely different zip code, which should be an impossible mistake to make, since we're asked to confirm our phone number twice when we call. Then, she tells us that the order is still on disconnect, and to call back on Wednesday. "It is Wednesday." "Oh! Well, call back tomorrow, then."

Tomorrow comes, we call back. Are told that it may be until Monday, because the next day is a holiday (Veteran's Day). An hour or so later, the technical support guy calls us, saying he's on his way over to reconnect our service. Great!

The technical support guy comes over. He, frankly, makes a mess of our house. I have to move a lot of my furniture because he insists upon getting at the wiring, because the DSL connection isn't coming in. He runs wires through the windows; still no signal. I finally say, "Are you sure that they turned it on at the company's end? The person I spoke with on the phone said it wouldn't be turned on until Monday." Technical support guy leaves to get a testing box.

An hour or two later, the technical support guy calls us back. The conversation goes something like this:

Him: "Hi! I'm just calling - this is so funny - because I wasn't there to RECONNECT your service, I was supposed to DISCONNECT it. I read the order wrong, isn't that funny lolomgrofflecopter????/"
Us: "...."
Him: "I'll be back later to reconnect it. You're probably going to have to pay reconnection and disconnection fees though."

So we put together our house again, and call Verizon to ask them when they think they're going to reconnect us. They don't know, call back on Monday.

Monday rolls around, that's today, and they tell us that it's going to be until the 25th, because it takes ten days after a disconnection to turn service back on again.

What I don't understand is, why. Why didn't they give us warning about wanting a different method of payment before just shutting off our service, why did they disconnect it a day early, why is everyone I've spoken to at this company so completely inept? Why did they even disconnect it at all, after we've given them our credit card info?

Now, a mistake caused by THEM not giving us notice about wanting a different MOP is taking us an entire month to fix. All I want is my internet back.

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