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I have had a subscription for TV Guide for many years. They have revamped the format a few times over the years and I have lived with it.

Two weeks ago my issue was all weird looking. After looking at a few pages I saw "Vancouver and surrounding areas" so I got all pissy and emailed TV Guide to point out I lived in Calgary. I went and bought the local sunday paper to get that tv listings guide.

Last week...same thing! WTF?!!! I phoned the toll free number and the operator pointed out the TV Guide was revamped so it is now alphabetical not numerical and it's now divided into Western Canada and so on! WTF?!!!! So now the listings show ABC..CBC...NBC and so on. If you don't know the channel number the station identification number is on then you have to get a local list from your cable provider! HAHAHAHAHAHA! How fucking retarded is that?!!! When was the last time a television was sold showing the channels alphabetical? STUPID FUCKING MORONS! The idiots who thought this up should be fired! I canceled my subscription and asked for a refund. She apologized for the inconvenience.

Today I get into work and have a reply from the email I sent last week. They basically said the same thing as the operator. I replied back what I thought of the whole mess they made of the guide and said I canceled the subscription and asked for a refund. I'm sure many others will be doing the same!
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