She's Dangerous (wbatpoaginar) wrote in bad_service,
She's Dangerous

About a week ago I went hunting for some new winter tops. Now, I am a size 14 on bottom, but since I am rather small chested my size on top varies widely. My closet has tops ranging from small - extra large. It honestly just depends on the type of material, the type of shirt, and the way it's meant to fit. Generally very form fitting things and material that doesn't have a lot of give I'm a large to xl, but with more elastic material I tend to look better in a medium/large. I've had a much easier time shopping since I quit figuring that if X size didn't work than I should just give up on the style all together. You never know until you see it on, right?

So anywho, I was shopping at Limited for some new winter tops. I had a couple of things picked out, again, of varying sizes. A salesperson asked if she could help me, and I held out one of the tops I had chosen and asked if they had anything she'd recommend layering it with as I've also learned that shopping is more successful if you let the people who know the clothing lines help you. She snatched it from me to take a look at it. It was a medium.

Saleslady: You have the wrong size. Let me go grab you an extra large.
Me: Actually, you're out of large and I can tell I'd be swimming in the XL so I thought I'd try the medium.
Saleslady: It's not going to fit and you're just going to stretch it out so that someone else can't buy it.

Excuse me?

I promptly dropped my armful of tops onto the floor right in front of her, and exited the store. Decided to hit a Limited in another mall, got a lot of helpful service, dropped nearly $100, and bought the same top. In a medium. I plan on going back to talk to her manager. Wearing that top.
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