Stating the obvious (well_yeah) wrote in bad_service,
Stating the obvious

Some time in the past year, a kiosk has popped up at my mall that sells various lotions and things. Now, I work at Bath and Body Works, so I've got lotion up the wazoo, so I politely decline when the workers ask me if I'd like to sample one of their products.

But today... the guy didn't ask politely. Today, he demanded. As I was walking by he said "Ma'am! Try some lotion!" Which isn't so horrible when typed, but please, imagine Napoleon Dynamite saying "Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!" and you'll understand the tone he used. Like it was the last straw, I was gonna try some lotion if he had to rub it on my dead body. Which is really creepy, and I'm gonna have nightmares now that I typed that.
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