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I wish it were a dream.

I swear to god that when this happened today, I thought it was a dream.

Today, I went to lunch at Burger King with my friend. We were both starving and were about to go grocery shopping. For those of you who know, shopping for food while hungry = lots of money spent on food.

So, we walk in. The girl who is at the front counter is ON HER CELL PHONE. I am like..WTF. At my job if I even have my cell phone *ON* me I will get fired immediately. She looks at us, rolls her eyes, walks to the side and yells "WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE ST THE FRONT??" like she is too good to serve us.

She walks back and huffs "What do you want?" No, "Hi, how are you?" or even a god damned "What would you like?" just getting all pissy because it looked like someone didn't show up for their shift and she has to stay longer.

My friend orders a grilled chicken with nothing on it and a medium drink. Of course, at the "with nothing on it" she gets sighed at because OMG ITS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER TO MAKE ONE WITHOUT ANYTHING ON IT but the bitch puts the order in.

Now me, I am starving. I have not eaten all damn day (it was around 3pm) and I know my eyes were going to be too big for my stomach but I really didn't care.

I ordered a Double Whopper combo, King sized, and a recess pie.

She looked me up and down and said "Are you sure you NEED all that food?". (And YES, she said it in the "implying I am fat" sort of way.

First off, I am by no means fat. I am not trying to toot my own damn horn, but I will place, under a lj-cut, a picture of my body. I have drawn over my face because I know if I don't I will get the "you're just trying to show off how hot/pretty/ugly you are!!"

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I have a slight muscular body type, but I was a cheerleader for four years. I am not as well-toned as I use to be in high school, but again, by no means fat (I hope).

Second, this girl was at least 100 pounds bigger then I was. I don't understand where she got off implying that I was fat when she probably ate BK every single god damned day.

Third, I WAS SO PISSED. I was absolutly stunned to the point of where I could say NOTHING. Very few people can do that to me. My friend looked at me with her mouth open.

We literally grabbed our food, went into the car and I was like "DID SHE REALLY JUST IMPLY I WAS FAT??"

The bitch actually made me feel really bad for eating my food.

I really have no idea what to do though. I know I can complain/probably get her fired but I mean...her comments were SO OUT OF LINE.


Can I please have any suggestions/what would you do?
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