Patience St. James (mihalis_aya) wrote in bad_service,
Patience St. James

Dear Lady at Sally's Beauty Supply,

I called and asked if you carried Manic Panic in turquoise. I was very polite (please and thank yous all around), but stressed that it needed to be Manic Panic, not another brand (I have hair issues, Manic Panic is one of two types of dye that don't bother me). You said yes, you had that, and I thanked you for checking, since it's a 45 minute drive to get to you.

You totally lied.

You had another brand in a turquoise shade, which is all well and good...but I can't use that brand, it eats my hair. That's why I specifically asked for Manic Panic. No, Manic Panic is not generic for "crazy colours". I've lost an hour and a half of my day and a quarter of a tank of gas for nothing. Thanks.

No love,
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