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Update to this post!

I stopped by the same Starbucks this afternoon on my way back to work after lunch in the park because I was freezing, wanted dessert and had 8 free drink coupons burning a hole in my bag. The cashier was the coworker who got the manager last time, and he recognized me. "Hey, sorry about last time....that guy's a jerk. He's done, the DM blew his stack when he heard what that guy said."

The female manager was the one who made my drink (grande caramel apple cider, no whipped cream - warmed me up :), and she recognized me as well. "Thanks for helping me out the other day, I really appreciated it." "It's what I'm here for. Sorry that you had to deal with that as...jerk. *grins* The situation was taken care of by our district manager." "I heard. *indicates cashier* Thanks again!"

Alls well that ends well, I guess :)
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