Jennifer (jennyfurrlynn) wrote in bad_service,

I never thought I'd actually post in this community (I read customers_suck WAY too much...), but I have a tale to tell. It's not my story, but a coworker's story.

This coworker (Debbie) needs one new contact. Because of her house payment and medical issues she's having right now, she can't afford to buy a year's worth. Her one contact is fine, but the other is chipped, so she decided to just order one (to save on money). Now, she ordered this contact OVER A MONTH AGO. Anyone who wears contacts knows that this is ridiculous. She called the optical place the other day and spoke with a very snotty receptionist....

(Note: Debbie is seriously the sweetest woman I know. How anyone could get an attitude with her like this is beyond me)

Debbie: I ordered my contact over a month ago and it's still not in...would you be able to tell me the status of my order please?
Bitch: If you haven't received it, then we don't have it either.
Debbie: Can you tell me when it'll be in?
Bitch: You can't wear your glasses?
Debbie: My glasses are out dated and I can't see as well with them.
Bitch: WELL! Learned your lesson, didn't you?
Debbie: I'm sorry?
Bitch: Learned your lesson! Order your contacts earlier and keep your glasses up to date!
Debbie: After I ordered my contacts, I couldn't afford the glasses. Plus I ordered my contacts over a month ago! Could you just please tell me when my contact will be coming in? The one I'm wearing now has a chip in it -
Bitch: I don't have your file in front of me now, we'll call you when they come in.
Debbie: Could you please just check my file and give me an estimate?
Bitch: *annoyed sigh* ONE MOMENT

*gets file*

Bitch: *snotty* Your contact arrived two weeks ago.
Debbie: Why didn't I get a call about them?
Bitch: That's not in my job description, I don't know. Anything else I can help you with? Maybe an appointment to UPDATE your glasses?

I really feel bad for Debbie on this one. She's so soft spoken and polite to everyone, I don't know how anyone can be rude to her. She called back the next day to speak with a manager or someone in charge and only got their voicemail. She left a message and is waiting for a call back.
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